Taiz: 'For 5 years, Houthi snipers have gunned down a child every 5 days'

Taiz: 'For 5 years, Houthi snipers have gunned down a child every 5 days'



By Sarah Hassan

A Yemeni human rights group said Houthi militiamen have killed and injured 366 children in Taiz from the beginning of the Yemeni war in March 2015 to August 2020, equivalent to "a child casualty every five days."

The Yemeni Coalition for Monitoring Human Rights Violations said in a report the child victims that the central Yemeni city lost to Houthi snipers all range between the ages of one and seventeen years old.

The extremist Shia theocratic militiamen have been besieging the provincial capital since the beginning of the war and their snipers are stationed on rooftops of buildings and on hilltops surrounding the city.

Most recently –August 17 - a sniper gunned down a nine-year-old girl, Ruwaidah Saleh, who was walking in a clear street heading - with a small plastic bottle in her hand - toward a free tap.

She was shot in the head and is now in a critical condition doctors described as "between life and death." The story drew a nationwide outrage and condemnations and inspired local NGOs to honor her 12-year-old brother who saved her life by risking his life and dragging her from her feet to a safe side of the street and from there the girl was hospitalized.

The UN almost absolutely ignores Houthis war crimes, from sabotaging Yemen's democratic transformation and triggering this ongoing war in 2014, to the human rights violations and humanitarian miseries resulting from it.   





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