Is this what the UN is doing behind the scenes?

Is this what the UN is doing behind the scenes?


By Sarah Hassan

As I always said, the UN can never be a neutral peace mediator between the government and Houthi Shia militants. Years of bias in favor of the militia have proven that. The UN refrains from pointing finger at Houthi responsibility for the long running war, refuses to move offices to the territories held by the government, continues to grant Houthis – the only warring party who plant landmines - with generous funds in the name of  "landmine extraction" support, systematically interferes to stop the legitimate army's march on Houthi-held cities in the name of preventing casualties, and turns a blind eye to the Houthi relentless wars and endless attempts to march on the cities that the government still holds, such as Marib, to the east of Yemen!! To name just a few of the countless signs of UNs stubborn bias in favour of the Iranian militia in Yemen.

Yesterday, Yemeni media outlets circulated what, if confirmed, will be the latest proof of the UN's longstanding support to the Houthi putschists in spite of the claims that the world body recognizes Hadi's government: A memo from the Houthi self-styled Vice Foreign Minister Hussein al-Ezzi indicating that his militia had coordinated with the UN Special Envoy Griffiths to get Houthi militiamen wounded in Marib to travel on UN planes to get medical care outside Yemen!

Al-Ezzi addressed his "Transports Minister" and "chief of the Intelligence and Security Department" on the agreement with Griffiths asking them to "take the necessary measures to keep this act confidential" !!

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