What is in the Yemeni media today?

What is in the Yemeni media today?





  1. In an interview with Al-Sharq al-Awsat news website, spokesman of the Yemeni armed forces renewed his accusations to the Houthi militia of maintaining relationships and full liaison with Daesh and Al-Qaeda elements in their adjacent areas of control in Beidha. He said they cooperate, "and don't fight each other."

  2. Thousands of people have taken out to the streets of a new south Yemen province to voice support to the legitimate government and condemn the STC militia's illegal control on Aden. The demonstrators in the province of Hadhramout were responding to a call by the Southern Coalition, a pressure group that rejects the separatist and rebel trends of the STC. They held the demonstrations despite the STC separatist militia's disruption attempts and blockage of roads. Over the past two weeks all the provinces of south Yemen saw massive similar demonstrations against the STC and its foreign supporters.Source: Multiple news websites.

  3. 1500 internally displaced families in Marib's district of Madghal are forced to move again and find a new safe haven as Houthis trying to invade the area have engaged with the government forces. Source: Multiple news websites.
  4. The Commander of the 7th Military Region Ahmed Jubran said the army is advancing in Nehm front is now on the doorstep of Sana'a which is controlled by the theocratic Houthi putschists. Source of the story: Saba news agency
  5. The UAE has recruited tens of people from south Yemen and sent them to Libaya to fight as mercenaries alongside rebel leader Khalifa Haftar in Libya. Source: Multiple news websites.

  6. Heavy clashes took place for hours early today between rival gunmen from the Southern Transitional Council militia. No casualties were reported. Source: Multiple news websites.
  7. Houthis sacked their self-styled Telecommunication Minister after accusing him that he had leaked the militia's confidential use of the country's telecommunication networks to spy on large number of officials from the legitimate government. Source: Multiple news websites.
  8. Clashes between government and STC forces renewed in Abyan on Monday which threatening the Riyadh Agreement to fall apart. Source: Multiple news websites.
  9. The Houthi TV channel's mourning of a large number of the rebel militia's fighters indicates the big manpower losses they are suffering in the warfronts with the government. Source: Multiple news websites.
  10. Popular female detainee in the Houthi jails in Sana'a, Asmaa al-Omaysee, is suffering health deterioration as a result of lack of access to healthcare. Al-Omaysee was detained by the Shia extremists two years ago on her alleged links to the Arab Coalition backing the legitimate Yemeni government.

  11. Thousands of public employees took to the streets of Taiz today demonstrating and demanding long unpaid salaries.










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