Houthi-held Yemen: 152 suicide cases in first half of 2020

Houthi-held Yemen: 152 suicide cases in first half of 2020

The rate of suicide acts has increased highly in Houthi-held parts of Yemen, sources in the theocratic militia and media outlets said.

The self-styled Interior Ministry of the militia in Sana'a said 152 people including 13 women and nine children took their lives in the first half of 2020. "Depression and poverty" are the prime causes according to independent media sources.

The Houthi looting of public salaries over the past years has plunged hundreds of thousands of government employees in abject poverty to the point that the number of people deciding to end their lives has increased. On Saturday, Abdulwahid al-Soofi (pictured), a teacher from central Yemen's Ibb, was founded hanged dead on a tree. It was founded that he had committed suicide out of frustration that he could not put food in the table for his family.


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