What is in the Yemeni Media Today?

What is in the Yemeni Media Today?

-- Yemen's Information Minister says the UN's constant silence for Houthi atrocities in Taiz and all other parts of Yemen is a green light for the theocratic militia to go ahead in killing civilians. He regretted the silence of the UN's Martin Griffiths for the shooting of a young girl by a Houthi sniper that rendered the Taizi girl "between life and death." Source of the story: Several news websites.

- Yemenis are wondering why is the legitimate government not allowed to resume liquefying and exporting natural gas from Marib, although the country  is dire conditions: The country's public employees are months behind with their pay and the state is cash-strapped.  Source of the story: Aden Alghad news website.

- The UAE is setting up new military camps in the archipelago of Socotra and exporting tons of Yemeni fish to Abu Dhabi. Source: Almotamar Press and other news websites.

The Houthi militia have launched over the past days a puritan chastity campaign of storming of cafes and venues of wedding feasts to crackdown on attends in the name of preventing mixed (male and female) gatherings. A conduct similar to that of Al-Qaeda and Daesh. They are doing it in Sana'a universities too. Which turned Sana'a to a Taliban-style Emirate. Source: Several news websites.

-           As many as 1500 families have been displaced from Mudghal district in Marib as a result of Houthi invasion and imposed battles with government forces. Source: Several news websites

-           The explosions heard in the northern neighborhoods of Sana'a on Friday afternoon were the result of a military drill by Houthis involving heavy weapons.Source: Aden net news website

-           Commander of the Special Forces of the Sana'a-based Houthis and four senior rebel leaders have been killed in the ongoing fierce war on the outskirts of Marib as Houthis attempts to invade the city. Source: Yemen Time news website.

-           The Yemeni Riyal is continuing to collapse.  Source: Several news websites.

-           The conspiracy on Yemen cannot be clearer than today. And the UN can't be more consistent in this regard. When the army wants to march on Hodeidah , pressures from the UN force it to stop. When the Houthis marched on Aljawf  in March, no one said a word. Houthis, at their own leisure, fought the battle, won it, and executed oppositionists and rounded them up to jails. When the government forces tried in April to regain the city and drew close to achieving that, the UN's pressures came on time to save the Houthi control on it. All of a sudden the government announced a unilateral ceasefire as an outcome of those open and secret pressures

Now the Houthis have been fighting for days with the government struggling to defend its last resort and three million IDPs. No urgent pressures to stop Houthis. No nothing. The conspiracy of the United Nations to the side of Houthis against the legitimate Yemen is now clearer than the sunlight. Source: Post by Emad Farhan a facebooker.

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