Two organizations to follow up foreign mercenaries involved in murder cases in Aden

Two organizations to follow up foreign mercenaries involved in murder cases in Aden

Alsahwa Net-Two human rights organizations have declared their determination to sue American and French mercenaries involved in murder cased in Aden, before the international courts. 

These mercenaries implemented scores of assassinations against leaders of the Islah party and other Yemeni figures in Aden over the past four years.

This was voiced in a joint statement released by Sam Organization for Rights and Liberties and the AFD International for Human Rights.

The joint statement said that information published by the G-Forum News Website on 19 August 2020 on the use of American and French mercenaries by the United Arab Emirates (UAE) affiliated agent Mohammed Dahlan, to implement assassinations against Yemeni politicians of the Islah party is illegal act and it is criminalized in both countries.

It said that article no. 436 of the French Criminal act, imprisons five years and imposes a fee of 75,000 Euro against anyone participates in military acts outside the national army service.

This requires opening an urgent investigation by the two governments on murder crimes as such acts hinder the peace in Yemen and fuels the conflict.

The statement said that details published by the G-Forum report raise several questions on several assassinations in Aden during the past period whereby over 120 politicians, military officers and religious leaders were killed.

“These mercenaries have indeed killed large number of the victims for financial advantages which forms a crime on the use of paid fighters in the context of armed conflict and premeditated murder of people presumed to be protected by the international humanitarian law, the Yemeni national laws and the American and the French codes,” the statement read.

They added that the Yemenis must feel safe and that the victims’ relatives be compensated and be supported amid the deteriorated human rights situation in Yemen where perpetrators of human rights abuses left at large with no prosecution.


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