All Yemen's outlawed groups use terrorist modus operandi

All Yemen's outlawed groups use terrorist modus operandi

By Sarah Hassan


As too many aspects of the ongoing war in Yemeni are competing for our attention, we are missing out on one important aspect: All Yemen's outlawed groups and militias are openly using terrorist modus operandi to kill pro-government captives.

The three groups of the Southern Transitional Council (STC), the Houthis and Al-Qaeda have their records replete with hallmark terrorist execution of captives. The latest terrorist executions by each one of these militias occurred within the past month.

On July 20, the fascist STC mlitia arrested the commander of the Special Forces in Abyan Abu Khaled Al-Hanashi in an ambush before shooting fire on him and burning him to death.

On 9 August, the Houthi theocratic militia burned alive a captive government soldier by the name 1st Lt. Abdulhafedh Al-Taheri in central Yemen's Beidha province. Houthi extremists poked his eyes, and cut his tongue, ears, and lips.

On 15 August, Al-Qaeda militants sharing borders with Houthis in Beidha executed a dentist known as Madhehar Alyoosufi under the pretext that he is a government informant. The terrorists killed him and then crucified his body in public to terrify the public.

The three groups especially the powerful Houthi and STC militias round pro-government civilian activists and subject them to indefinite disappearance and horrific tortures.

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