What did the Yemeni Press Say Today?

What did the Yemeni Press Say Today?


  1. The boy who risked his life on Monday to save his sister after a Houthi sniper shot her injured burst in tears during an awards ceremony organized by a Taiz NGO for him yesterday. Source of the story:Multiple news websites.
  2. Yemen's foreign ministry deplored the UN's ignorance of the Houthi crimes and cut of humanitarian supplies to Taiz for six years.Source: Multiple news websites.
  3. Yemen: Houthis are in full liaison and increasing cooperation with other terrorist organizations. This report was published by Ashabaka Al-Arabiya (The Arabic News Network) quoting the Yemeni government's spokesman.
  4. There is a firm link and mutual interests that bind Houthis and terror groups, the Arab Coalition's spokesman said. Source: Multiple news websites.
  5. Yemen is taking the form of a Taliban-style state now thanks to Houthis. The militia was enforcing this puritan lifestyle in Saada and has now replicated it in the capital Sana'a. Source of the story: Almash'had Alyemeni news webite.
  6. Clashes renew between govt forces and UAE owned STC militia in Abyan. Source:Multiple news websites.

  7. Spokesman of the Yemeni armed forces: Houthi denial of their links to terrorist organizations in Al-Beidha province is an open secret now. Source:Multiple news websites.

  8. The Yemeni currency is depreciating further and further: Source:Multiple news websites.

  9. The army has arrest a battalion of Houthi fighters trying to press forward on Marib. The army also advanced slightly in Marib, Aljawf and Nehm to the east of Sana'a. Source:Multiple news websites.

  10. Police in Marib busted on Tuesday a cell of three senior Houthi intelligence officers hours after they arrived from Sana'a in preparation to conduct a plot eventually meant to lead to making the government-held town fall to Houthi militants. This comes five days after the police discovered and arrested sleeping cells consisting of 300 Houthi militants. Source: Voice-yemen.news website.

  11. Commander of the Hadhramout-based First Military Region said, "We will not allow the formation of any military group outside the control of the Defense and Interior Ministries. Source: Multiple news websites.

  12. The fees for transferring money from government to Houthi held territories has soared to 35$, a painful amount. Source: Multiple news websites.

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