Like terror groups, Houthis change Sa'ada into a religious emirate

Like terror groups, Houthis change Sa'ada into a religious emirate

Alsahwa Net- The Houthis who have changed Sa’ada, north Yemen into a religious emirate, seek replication of the same model in the capital Sana'a and other areas of their control.

The Houthis have already begun imposing restrictions on academic colleges, cafes, restaurants, wedding halls and women's clothes stores.

The Houthis’ actions intended to change the society values included also the change of the school textbooks, imams of mosques using the security forces to impose their ideology.

 The Houthis’ informants are stationed everywhere in Sa’ada and take hundreds to the prison using baseless charges such as contacting the Saudi-led coalition, planting GPS chips or sending GPS locations of military sites to the Saudi-affiliated forces.

 Anyone speaks to the press in Sa'ada is arrested and he might face the death, the London-based Asharq Al-Awsat daily Newspaper, quoted Mohamed Saleh, a resident of Sa’ada.

He said that checkpoints of the Houthis own security apparatus are spread along the Sa’ada-Amran road and their security personnel wear the government's police uniform, according to Saleh.

Members of these checkpoints inspect identities of persons on the road and if they come from areas out of Sa’ada, they should provide documents for purpose of visit to Sa’ada, names of the people that will be met and what they do.

The search of phone contents has been a habit for members of these checkpoints since 2010 and they even remove music content and replace them with their military songs, Saleh said.

This action is applicable only on arrivals whose origin home is not Sa’ada as residents of Sa’ada have been already obliged on this action long time ago.

Eamd, a local employee for a relief organization who worked previously in Sa’ada, said that Sa’ada city is under an iron fist by the Houthis security members who doubt anyone works for relief organizations or comes from outside Sa’ada.

He said that the situation is like an emirate of Taliban in Afghanistan.

Schools in Sa’ada have been changed into military barracks where the children are raised on the sectarian ideology and male children study in separated classrooms.

He added that the city has been changed into a big military camp where everyone is armed, work for the Houthis or forced to pretend affiliation to them.

 He added that stories shared by the locals on the torture of detainees have terrified everyone and families dare not to visit their detained relatives as they will be stigmatized of treason.

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