NGO honors child who saved his sister shot by Houthi sniper

NGO honors child who saved his sister shot by Houthi sniper


A non-governmental organization has honored Omari Saleh a 12-year old boy who saved the life of his nine-year-old sister Ruwaida after a Houthi sniper shot her injured in Taiz on Monday afternoon.

Fajr al-Amal Foundation organized a honoring ceremony for Omari to salute his bravery in bring his injured sister to a safe side of the street by dragging her risking his own life.

The sniper shot Ruwaida in the head when she was crossing Arowdha street in downtown Taiz with a small plastic bottle in her hand, going to fetch water to her family.

The story and image of the boy venturing to rush to the scene and dragging his unconscious sister by her feet went viral and triggered various headlines and cartoons in the Yemeni media.

The Houthis, a theocratic Shia terrorist organization, have killed and injured hundreds of civilians in the central Yemen Taiz by sniping alone. They have been besieging the city for six years and the United Nation organization maintains an unexplained near absolute ignorance of the pro-government city.

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