Saudi-Yemeni Business Council plans investment in Yemen

Saudi-Yemeni Business Council plans investment in Yemen

Alsahwa Net- Chief of the Saudi-Yemeni Business Council, Abdullah bin Mahfoudh said on Monday that the council managed establishment of firms that will start up doing business in the government-held areas of Yemen.

The new companies were licensed by the concerned authorities in Yemen, according to bin Mahfoudh.

This was pronounced during a meeting held on the same day between the Yemen’s President’s advisor, Ahmed Ubaid bin Daghr and bin Mahfoudh.


Bin Mahfoudh said that the council is interested to take part in the reconstruction and development of Yemen in line to directives by the Saudi authority.

For his part, bin Daghr, said that some of the government-held areas have become ready to joint-venture investment in various areas in partnership with the Yemeni businessmen.

Bin Daghr was also briefed on areas of potential cooperation between the Saudi-Yemeni Business Council and the Saudi Development and Reconstruction Program for Yemen, which is chaired by the Saudi Ambassador to Yemen, Mohammed Al-Jaber.

Bin Daghr appreciated efforts planned by the Saudi-Yemeni Business Council which would contribute at resolving several economic issues brought by the war.

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