CSOs in Taiz condemn sniping of female child

CSOs in Taiz condemn sniping of female child

Alsahwa Net-The Coordination Council of Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) in Taiz condemned on Monday the target of a nine-year female child in Taiz by a Houthis sniper in Al-Rawda quarter of Taiz city while she was fetching water to her family.

The council said in a statement it released on Monday that this “heinous crime is a continuation of a chain of atrocities being committed by the Houthis against the civilians in Taiz.”

The council condemned silence by the international community, the United Nations (UN) and international human rights organizations operating in Yemen towards bloody crimes the Houthis frequently commit in Taiz.

Rawida, a nine-year female child was shot on Monday on her head by a Houthis sniper.

The child’s condition is critical as she is being treated at the hospital.

Human rights organizations have been reporting horrific violations by the Houthis to lives of the civilians in Taiz.

The city has been under continuous military attack and siege since 2015.

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