Infringement to freedom of movement by Houthis security checkpoints continues

Infringement to freedom of movement by Houthis security checkpoints continues

Alsahwa Net- The Houthis militants have changed inter-governorates travel between the government-held areas and areas of their control into a hell to male and female travelers.

The Female Relatives Association to the Detainees in Yemen, a local NGO that advocates for rights of the illegal detainees, quoted a testimony by three women travelers who were caught and detained while on their way from Sana'a to Marib, 173 kilometers east of Sana’a.

The women spoke about being stopped and detained by a Houthis-manned checkpoint in Sanaban of Dhamar for eight hours with no access to food or water.

The women said that they were detained along with their three children from 9:00 am to 7:00 pm after being questioned on reasons of their travel from Sana’a to Marib.

The women said that the Houthis officials were never convinced by their answers that they were on a family visit to their relatives in Marib.

The women were detained in their vehicle and were never allowed to go out.

The women said that they contacted their families in Sana’a and returned home, but their male driver was forcibly disappeared for three months.

Several Yemeni activists have deplored persecutions by the Houthis against women travelers and demanded halt of such violations.

Sources said that the Iran-backed Houthis continue restricting movement of citizens between governorates especially to the government-held Marib and other southern areas held by the pro-government forces.

This intimidation against travelers included elderly people, women and children and patients.

The volume of intimidation increases late last July with families often travel from cities to their hometown to spend Eid with their relatives.

Majority of the intimidation cases have been taking place at the Sana’a-Dhamar-Ibb-Taiz-Road where travelers have been vulnerable to looting, humiliation and detention.

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