Yemen's political organizations condemn UAE's normalization with Israel

Yemen's political organizations condemn UAE's normalization with Israel

Alsahwa Net- Several Yemeni political organizations have condemned the United Arab Emirates (UAE) normalization of relations with Israel and affirmed their commitment to support the Palestinian issue until legal rights have been met including establishment of independent state.

In a joint statement, several the Yemen's political parties said that they support the position of the Yemeni government expressed in a statement released by the Yemen's Foreign Ministry.

The government's statement affirmed Yemen's unchanging position towards the Palestinian cause and rights of the Palestinian people.

The parties pronounced their support to the united position of the Palestinians against pressures and plots aimed at clearing their fair and legal rights including the right to refugees’ return to their home country, independence and establishment of the Palestinian independent state.

They called on all the Palestinian groups to unify their efforts and reconcile to prioritize the national interest and avert consequences of the division.

They added that they see steps of normalization without fair solution to the Palestinian issue in line to Arab initiative and the UN resolutions, will encourage the Israeli aggression to continue.

They added that the normalization by the UAE is unilateral step that disagrees with the Arab references on this issue and that the action will backfire and will have repercussions on peace and stability of the Middle East region. 


The joint statement was signed by the General People's Congress (GPC), Islah Party, the Yemeni Socialist Party (YSP), Al-Rashad Union Party, Justice and Building Party, Nahda Movement for Peaceful Change, National Solidarity Part, The Popular Forces Union, Yemeni Unity Rally Party, Peace and Development party, Arab Baath Socialist Party, Arab National Baath Socialist Party, and the Republican party.

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