What did the Yemeni Press Today?

What did the Yemeni Press Today?










  1. Thousands of people took to the streets of the eastern Yemen province of Shabwa to renew their support to Yemen's legitimate government. Protesters demanded the demilitarization of Yemen's biggest industrial project from UAE forces to allow Yemen "to breath" and depend on its own revenues. The story was published by several media platforms.

  2. Government forces in Marib new Houthi sleeping cells in Marib consisting of 300 fighters who were preparing to launch a surprise war from within the city to take control of it. The Houthi planting of hundreds of dormant supporters in the city and the failure of the plot and arrest of the involved has become a recurring thing. Published by several news websites.

  3. A thousand Houthi fighters have been killed near Marib as the rebel militia continue non-stopping attempts to march on the city. As usual hospitals in the Houthi-held Sana'a are stuffed over capacity. Published by several news websites.

  4. Houthi militants fire a new ballistic missile on the government-held city of Marib killing soldiers and civilians. Published by several news websites.
  5. The army captures new sites from Houthis in Salab of Naehm front east of Sana'a: Published by Althawra and other news sites.
  6. The government condemns strongly Al-Qaeda's execution of a doctor saying it raises questions on Al-Qaeda-Houthi links. Published by several media platforms.
  7. Battles between govt and Houthi forces are intensifying in Aljaw amidst government troop advances. Published by several news websites.
  8. First ever popular uprising against Houthis takes place in Sharaab, west of Yemen. Published by several news websites.




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