Endless attempts on Marib: Houthis suffer nearly 1000 casualties in 3 days

Endless attempts on Marib: Houthis suffer nearly 1000 casualties in 3 days



Houthis suffered nearly 1000 casualties in the recent fighting near Marib over the past three days as the theocratic militia pressed ahead with their seemingly endless attempts to march on the government-held town.

 Medical sources in the militant-controlled provinces anonymously told Al-Sahwa on Sunday the hospitals in "Sana'a, Dhamar and Hajjah received 500 dead bodies and "more than 400 injured militants."

"The hospitals are now stuffed over capacity and can't receive anymore casualties."

"A large number of other fighters are unaccounted for or are ascertained to have been arrested by the legitimate army defending Marib," other sources.

The radical Shia militia have been trying to press forward on Marib since the beginning of the conflict in 2015 and apparently will continue endlessly.  The militia adopt the endless attempts and countless fighter tactic to secure the yet-uneasy capture of the city.

It is believed they have recruited so far tens of thousands of people to invade the city and lost them during sporadic bouts of overwhelming attacks. Apart from the casualties, the militia reportedly lost this week 300 militants who had been deployed to Marib to serve as sleeping cells.

The plot was discovered the armed forces rounded them up to jails.


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