Yemen govt says crucifixion of dentist raises question on Al-Qaeda-Houthi links

Yemen govt says crucifixion of dentist raises question on Al-Qaeda-Houthi links


Yemen's Government said the crucifixion of a dentist by Al-Qaeda in the central Yemen province of Beidha raises questions about the links between Al-Qaeda and Houthi, supposedly two rival terror organizations.

Al-Qaeda militants crucified Madhehar al-Yoosufi a dentist from Taiz working in the main public health center in the district of Alsawmaah  for 10 years.

In tweets, Information Minister Muammar al-Eryani said in tweets the Houthi militia is apparently using the terrorism card to create a justification for their "coup d'état  and aggression against the local people."

"The Houthi militia are turning their back to the military camps of Daesh and Al-Qaeda while attacking the outposts of the government forces and the populace backing them," he elaborated.

Scores of Yemeni news websites have been focusing their recent reports on what they call "links" between the three terror organizations of Houthis, Al-Qaeda and Daesh.  

Reports say that in Beidha, the only part of Yemen where A-Qaeda and Daesh have territories of control, adjacent to that of Houthis, the three terror groups coexist and even maintain a regular cooperation.

The Al-Qaeda stands by as Houthi military convoys keep passing in Qaeda- held territories marching toward the government-held Marib in the years long campaign meant to capture the city. A- Qaeda is also long accused of helping smuggle arms to Houthis.

Besides, all of them target pro-government officials and employees, using terrorist modus operandi.





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