Popular march in Shabwa in support to federalism

Popular march in Shabwa in support to federalism

Alsahwa Net-The Southern National Coalition (SNC) organized on Sunday a popular march in Attaq, the capital of Shabwa governorate that demanded inclusion of all southern entities in the power and ongoing Yemen's peace talks.

Secretary General of the SNC, Moqbel Lakrash, saluted participants of the march.

He affirmed that the people of Shabwa stand united at rejection of violence and believe in dialog, partnership and coexistence to resolve all issues.

He said that the people took down to streets in this march to express their support to the President Abd Rabo Mansour Hadi and the legitimate government to combat the Houthis’ coup and restore the state and its offices.

He appreciated the support by the Saudi-led coalition to support Yemenis retrieve the state and impose the rule of law on the entire Yemen's soil.

He highlighted efforts by the SNC to convey the voice of the people of Shabwa and express their demands at fair representation in the power and wealth and affirmed support to the federal Yemen.

 Participants of the march raised placards that demand prompt implementation of Al-Riyadh agreement in line to the acceleration mechanism to ensure the return of the government and its services to the interim capital Aden.

Yemen’s parties except the Houthis and the southern separatists agreed in late 2014 on the change from the central system to federalism.

Yet, the Houthis’ coup in the same period has reversed the steps on federalism and threatened failure of the Yemeni state. 

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