MP demands disclosure of probe findings on Aden’s assassinations

MP demands disclosure of probe findings on Aden’s assassinations

Alsahwa Net- A Member of the Parliament, Ensaf Mayo, demanded on Saturday disclosure of the probe findings and identity of perpetrators to the murder of Saleh Halis who was shot dead in Aden on 15 August 2016.

Mayo who holds also the position of the Executive Chief of the Islah's Office in Aden, said that the hindrance of prosecution procedures is not accepted anymore to bring suspects to the justice.

“We demand a transparent and fair probe into the murder of Halis to find out who committed and funded this murder and others,” Mayo said.

These statement Mayo made on the fourth anniversary of Halis's death that marks on 15 August.

Mayo demanded the prosecution office to disclose names of the individuals and organizations that plotted the murder.

He added that it is a shame that four years passed since the murder took place with no information or actions taken by the judiciary officers.

He said that those assassinations were intended to eliminate influential figures in Aden including Halis who was a prominent politician.

He said that Halis was an easygoing yet a steadfast who was never speaking too much as maintaining a good record of a huge network of relations and achievements to the public interest.

Halis was one of the first who led the Islah's activity in Aden following the political pluralism declaration in 1990.

Halis was the first executive chief of the Islah's office in Aden.

Mayo concluded that loyalty to those figures must be working on bringing the suspects to the justice.

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