WFP: Yemen at risk of sliding into famine

WFP: Yemen at risk of sliding into famine

Alsahwa Net- The World Food Program (WFP) said on Friday that Yemen is at risk of sliding into famine due to disruptions to food supply.

In a thread of tweets, the WFP said that the recent fighting escalation in the country has resulted into death of civilians and displacement of household.

It said that devaluation of the national currency, soaring food prices and fall of the remittances have aggravated the food insecurity.

One third of the population can no longer afford purchasing enough food, according to the WFP.

It indicated that Yemen has the highest fatality rate in the world of the Coronavirus and that the infection is disrupting food imports and livelihoods.

The floods and torrential rains have killed scores of people and displaced thousands, the WFP said.

It added that the floods destroyed homes and devastated agricultural lands. The country is expected to see a new rise in the Cholera cases due to the floods which increases the people's need to the health care.

It explained that fuel shortages are causing delays of the WFP food deliveries and disrupting hospitals which rely on power generators.

It said that any oil spill from the aging Safer tanker, moored off Yemen's coast, would risk closure of Hodeida and Al-Saleef ports which will devastate the WFP's lifesaving operations and commercial food imports.

The UN says that Yemen experiences the world worst humanitarian crisis ensued by the Iran-backed Houthis rebellion against the government in 2014.

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