Taiz: NGO demands prosecution of child rape rumor mongers

Taiz: NGO demands prosecution of child rape rumor mongers


A Yemeni non-governmental NGO has demanded Taiz courts to institute legal proceedings against activists who, out of  political motivations, spread the rumors that a young boy was raped and died of rape. Seyaj for Childhood Protection following up the case of three-year-old Abdurahman Yahya allegedly raped in Taiz city cited forensic experts officially denying the claims and instead affirming that the boy died of collision and brain bleeding. Seyaj demanded the people behind the rumoirs to be sued. It said that "many social media users keep fabricating child rape stories every now and then" as part of politically motivated "smearing campaigns."

Over the past two years pro-Houthi activists have fabricated several stories of abuses to defame the local government and army in Taiz. The stories varied from the municipality allegedly demolishing widows -owned houses to a series of stories of child rape with the offence attributed to government soldiers.

Although the stories found their way to media outlets outside Yemen, all of them were eventually found to be made-up and part of a smear campaign.


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