Arab League warns against environmental disaster in Red the Sea

Arab League warns against environmental disaster in Red the Sea

Alsahwa Net- Secretary General of the Arab League, Ahmed Abu Al-Ghait warned on Monday against risks of the floating Safer Tanker in the Red Sea.

In a statement, Abu Al-Ghait said that the volume of the devastation caused by the blast in Lebanon reminds of looming threats by the floating tanker anchored off the Yemeni coast.

The tanker has been left with no repairing service since the war broke out in 2015.

He called on the UN Security Council to intervene immediately to enable the UN experts access the tanker and do the required checks.

A source of the Secretary General 's office of the Arab League has also held the Houthis rebels accountable to failure of the UN experts’ access to the tanker to check its condition.

The source indicated that the attitude of the Houthis towards this imminent disaster reflects their indifference to woes experienced by the Yemeni people which suggest their willing to aggravate this suffering to retain their leverage.

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