13 human rights organizations condemn insecurity in Taiz

13 human rights organizations condemn insecurity in Taiz

Alsahwa Net- 13 human rights organizations said on Tuesday that they followed up with deep concern bloody incidents took place on Sunday which led to death of civilians and intimidation of residents including women and children.

 The organizations said that such acts by the armed groups violate flagrantly the international humanitarian law and threaten the public security.

They indicated that the Sunday’s armed clashes initially erupted between militants affiliated to Ghazwan Al-Mekhlafi and others affiliated to Abdurrahman Al-Shar’abi at Sinan Roundabout in Usifra area, north Taiz city.

Then, the clashes extended to the Expats street in the same area.

The confrontations led to the death of three civilians among them one child, one man with mental impairment and four others were injured among them one elderly man and one woman from the same family.

The militants stormed house of Abdullah Othman Al-Mekhlafi in Al-Waqashi quarter.

The militants attacked Al-Mekhlafi’ home using various weapons including light and medium arms.

They also intimidated the women in the house, forced them to leave the house and set it on fire.

The incident sparked fear among residents of the quarter and claimed lives of Al-Mekhlafi’s family members.

Al-Mekhlafi’ who is 50 years old was injured in the attack, his13-year old child Ayham was killed, and his 22-year old Amani was wounded.

The organizations demanded security services to assume their legal job towards protection of civilians and hunt perpetrators and bring them to justice.

They called on armed groups to put down arms and hand them over to the state forces and use the law to settle their differences.

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