NGO: Houthis burned army prisoner alive to death

NGO: Houthis burned army prisoner alive to death

Alsahwa Net- A human rights non-governmental organization (NGO) condemned on Sunday the Houthis for burning body of one army prisoner and mutilating his body.

Irada Organization for Combating Torture and Enforced Disappearance, said that the Houthis burned the body of the military prisoner, lieutenant Abdulhafid Al-Tahri, popped out his eyes, cut out his tongue and some parts of his body.

It said that the act comes within atrocities committed by the Houthis against Yemenis.

Al-Tahri was taken prisoner last June during the fighting in Al-Baida, in central Yemen.

Information suggests that the Houthis militants tortured the victim, cut parts of his body while he was still alive before passing away because of the torture.

 The organization appealed to all local and international organizations to assume their duty and move to bring the Houthis officials to justice for such crimes against the Yemenis.

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