In brief: Why continue to dialogue with theoretic militia?

In brief: Why continue to dialogue with theoretic militia?


By Sarah Hassan

Contributing Opinion Writer

Yemenis all along know the Houthis is a theocratic militia that came into being to pursue a dynastical reign granted to them as "a divine right" in their scriptures.

The Houthis have sacrificed tens of thousands of Yemenis on the altar of their dynastical ambitions. And every year they celebrate the Wilaya Day which commemorates, according to their beliefs, prophet Mohammed's appointment of Ali Ibn Abi Taleb and his offspring (such as Houthis) as a ruling family.

The last anniversary was celebrated yesterday (Saturday 8th August)!

So why does the UN ask the government to stay engaged in talks and preparation for talks with Houthis?

And why is the government duped into that?


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