When the more moderate ancestors of Houthis were in power!

When the more moderate ancestors of Houthis were in power!


By Sarah Hassan

Contributing opinion writer

As Houthis commemorate what they believe is the day when prophet Mohammed installed their "grandfather "Ali Ib Abi Talib as a successor ruler/Imam - the Wilaya Day-, it is worthwhile to remember the terrrorist record of the dynastical Imams.

The picture here shows Qasem Munassar a tribal leader from Sana'a who for a while supporeted the pre-1962 Imamite theocracy and was involved in beheading oppositionists.  

The Houthi ancestors were even more moderate as a Hadawi Zaydi Islamic school than the the Houthis of today. Yet they committed all the horrible crimes that we call today as terrorism.

It is funny how the United Nations pushes for peace between the government and the Houthi terrorists! On the hope that "all parties join forces against Al-Qaeda", whose terror in Yemen had awlays beeen of a lesser degree. No beheadings. And most of all Al-Qaeda controls no territories in Yemen anymore."


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