Islah of Hadramout: Attempts to destabilize Yemen will fail

Islah of Hadramout: Attempts to destabilize Yemen will fail

Alsahwa Net-The Secretary General Assistant of the Islah Party in Wadi Hadramout, Rabei Ba Soyod, said on Saturday that attempts to tamper with Yemen's security and stability will come to failure.

Ba Soyod said this in a Facebook post he wrote on his page.

He added that the care to the homeland must be maintained and differences among parties must not harm the country.

He said that parties must not weaken the country believing that such act will weaken a certain group or party.

Such notion damages only the country that forefathers scarified their lives for its glory, Ba Soyod said.

He indicated that its time that parties put the interest of the country first and above all their own wounds.

He said that unity must be promoted on the basis of full awareness that the country is for everyone and parties have to compete in love and coexistence.

He indicated that the use of popular gatherings to claim representation is no more valid as legal representation methods exist.

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