Displaced families caught between floods and Houthis’ bombing

Displaced families caught between floods and Houthis’ bombing

Alsahwa Net- Over the course of the fighting in Yemen, thousands of families have left their homes and displaced to huts in fear of being bombed by the Houthis looking for safer locations.

However, these families suffer misery nowadays because of unprecedented heavy rains that swept houses and buildings.

Families who used to live in tents or huts live now in desperation as death and life do not matter anymore since they live in horror with every drop of rain falls on their heads.

Nasser Qasim, 40 years old is one of the displaced persons who caught between the two bad choices.

Qasim had to displace home along with his six-family members from Al-Durihmi area of Hodeida when his area came under direct bombing by the Houthis.

 “Our condition is the worst. We fled death by war to death by hunger, thirstiness and drowning,” said Qasim.

“The heavy rains and floods damaged our tents and we became vulnerable to death at any moment, “said Qasim.

“We do not know where to go,” he said.

He added that “In every rainy day, the floods sweep something away of our shabby belongings. Someday, the floods take away a pillow and another day they take the utensils and if the situation continued like this, we will end up having nothing,”.

He said that the family is always unable to recover anything taken by the floods as such attempt will lead to a certain death. “It is a nightmare and we hope it ends soon.”

Isra’a, a 32 years old displaced woman said in a conversation with Alsahwa Net that water has been flooding her tent since the rain season started.

 Last week she found her belongings flooded with dust and damaged upon her return from the market.

Her cooking dishes were full of water and her family members live in terror.

 She says that “I, my husband and children feel extremely frightened when it rains.

This fear increases more when it rains heavily, she said.

“We go out during heavy rains as we became homeless and we have never experienced such conditions before”.

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