Floods kill 100 people over one week

Floods kill 100 people over one week

Alsahwa Net- Government and local sources said that around 100 people were killed over the past week due to floods in Marib, Sana’a, Raima, Ibb, Amran and Hodeida.

Heavy rains have been wreaking havoc in several parts of Yemen for the second week on a row that led to human casualty and damages to cattle, farms, building and the infrastructure.

This coincides with government's efforts seek intensification of relief operations amid ignorance by the Houthis rebels towards the crisis in areas of their control.

Local sources of Raima governorate quoted by the London-based Asharq Al-Awsat daily Newspaper, said that ongoing rains and floods have resulted into damage of two houses in Al-Jubain and Al-Ja’farya districts and death of eleven people mostly women and children.

The floods that flowed into areas of the mountainous governorate, have also swept large areas of the arable lands amid fears that continued floods might lead to a humanitarian catastrophe as roads collapsed and people have become unable to move to bring their basic food needs.

In the Houthis-controlled Sana'a, three people were killed by floods that flooded the dam quarter in Nugum area, east Sana’a.

Historical buildings of the Old Sana’a City continue collapsing amid no response by the Houthis to alleviate the problem, local sources said.

Social media activists including the Houthis-affiliates have published photos displaying volume of the damage brought by the floods in major streets and quarters of Sana’a.

The floods coincide with preparation by the Houthis and mobilization for organizing a popular demonstration celebrating the day of divine right to rule which marks the Houthis religious theory on having exclusive rights in government.

International organizations estimated that 30,000 families have been affected by the floods that hit displacement camps and hay-made huts in Hodeida and Hajja.

The World Food Program (WFP) said that the recent floods hit thousands of families across Yemen, damaged houses and livelihoods.

The WFP indicated that several displaced families were forced to displace again because of the floods.

It said that it works closely with the humanitarian groups to promptly support affected households.

Government sources in Marib said that number of lives who have been killed by floods increased to 21 people and that 17,000 families have been affected by floods among them over 3,600 households who now live in the open area.

A government report said that the floods swept away six kilometers of asphalted road and other eight kilometers of asphalted road in Marib.

It said that the floods damaged 43 water wells, three electricity generators and interrupted the sewage and sanitation, damaged scores of houses and blocked inter-district movement.

Minister of Local Administration. Abdulraqeeb Fath, said that the government is determined to use all efforts and resources  for coordinating  with donors and organizations to provide urgent humanitarian aids to the flood-affected people across Yemen.

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