Gov’t official warns against blast in Yemen like Beirut's

Gov’t official warns against blast in Yemen like Beirut's

Alsahwa Net- Minister of Information, Muamar Al-Eryani, warned again on Thursday against risks of explosion or oil spill of the Safer Oil tanker, anchored off Ras Issa Port on the Red Sea.

Al-Eryani said that consequences would be worse than Beirut's blast.

“Beirut port’s massive explosion and huge human losses and damages it caused to the environment and the Lebanese economy, remind us of the time bomb; Safer oil tanker,” he said.

He indicated that the Houthis use the tanker as a bargaining chip for extortion and pressure.

He said that the Iran-backed Houthis continue procrastination and blocking repairing checks of the tanker that contains over one million barrels of oil with no care to risks of oil spill or explosion on lives of people, the infrastructure, the economy and environmental damages on Yemen and the region.

He appealed to the international community to exercise pressures on the Houthis to work on averting oil spill catastrophe in the Red Se before it is too late.

The Safer floating oil tanker has been left with no repairing service since the Houthis seized Hodeida late 2014.

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