MP questions gov’t about Nitrate stored at Aden port

MP questions gov’t about Nitrate stored at Aden port

Alsahwa Net- Member of the Parliament, Ali Ashal has questioned the government over existence of 130 containers loaded with Ammonium Nitrates being seized at Aden port for three years.

Fears of ammonium nitrates stored at seaports spark unprecedent fears and concerns following last Tuesday’s blast in Beirut Port that was caused by a fire nearby ammonium-nitrate warehouse.

Ashal wrote a letter to the Speaker’s Office of the parliament that included questions to the government on existence of containers loaded with 4,900 tons of ammonium nitrates which have been stored at the port of Aden for three years.

The letter included questions on the real quantity of the ammonium nitrate, purpose of their import, and security measures taken to prevent any harm.

It questioned also appropriate place of preserving such substance amid the catastrophe seen in Beirut because of the same substance.

He demanded a prompt written reply by the government to these questions for risks and panic in Aden caused by reports on existence of ammonium nitrates at Aden port. 

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