Young woman seriously shot in head by Houthi sniper

Young woman seriously shot in head by Houthi sniper

A Houthi sniper shot dead a 22-year-old woman in the central Yemen province of Dhale'a on Tuesday, local military sources said.

Al-Dhale'a Combat Camp published on its facebook page that Mawaddah Al-Ayoobi a Shia theocratic militant shot Mawaddah al-Ayoobi in the head and rendering her "unconscious in a life-threatening condition."

Mawaddah (pictured) was preparing breakfast for her family in Markhaza village of Dhale'a at 6:00 am when a Houthi sniper shot a bullet on her head.

Snipers from the Shia terror organization have killed and injured hundreds of civilians in central Yemen regions especially Taiz city which they have been besieging for six years amidst international ignorance of the issue.   

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