About 2,000 Houthis militants killed over three months

About 2,000 Houthis militants killed over three months

Alsahwa Net- Local sources in the capital Sana’a said that over 3,000 Houthis militants were killed and injured over the last three months during Houthis’ attacks on sites of the national army.

Sources quoted by the London-based Asharq Al-Awsat daily Newspaper said that they documented funeral of 114 Houthis dead fighters over one week in Sana’a, Amran, Dhamar,and Ibb.

These deaths included 18 Houthis leading militants who were killed while fighting against the government forces in Nehm, Mareb, Al-Jawf and Al-Baida.

The Houthis suffer unprecedented human exhaust amid ongoing mobilization and military recruitment among children and young men in areas of their control.

A source of the Houthis’ Martyrs Organization quoted by Asharq Al-Awsat said that the number of the Houthis dead fighters increased during the past three months to over 3,206 dead men killed by the national army forces or by air strikes by the Saudi-led coalition.

The source who requested anonymity in fear of his security said that the number of dead fighters from 15 April to mid-July reached 1,983 and other 1,223 militants were injured over the same period.

The reported dead and injured fighters mostly come from Sa’ada, Amran, Hajja, Mahwit, Sana'a governorate, capital Sana’a, Dhamar, and Ibb.

The source said that the Houthis’ dead fighters in Al-Jawf alone reached 652 during the same period.

The other reported dead militants were killed in Qania of Al-Baida, Mareb, Nehm, the western coast and other fighting fronts of Al-Dhala’a and Taiz.

The source said that around 60 percent of the Houthis dead and injured fighters are below 18 years old.

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