Al-Mahra Security Committee bans protest and rallies

Al-Mahra Security Committee bans protest and rallies

Alsahwa Net-The Security Committee of Al-Mahra governorate, headed by the governor, Mohammed Ali Yasser, banned temporarily on Friday organizing any public gathering by any party.

The action has been taken amid efforts by the Aden-based southern rebels known as the Southern Transitional Council (STC) to organize anti-government rallies to overthrow the government in Al-Mahra.

The Saban News Agency reported that the committee discussed ways to end the tension and maintain security and stability of the governorate.

The committee called on all parties to respond to the local authority and not to engage in any acts that would drive the governorate into any conflict and violence.

It affirmed that it will not tolerate any act that threatens security and safety of the governorate and it will impose order to protect lives and the public and private properties.

It affirmed on the need to stand with the government departments to avert plots of violence and conflict.

The STC already captured Aden and nearby governorates early last August amid stumbling Saudi efforts to end the rebellion and restore the government.

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