Gov’t official: Houthis force transportation firms to mislead international organization

Gov’t official: Houthis force transportation firms to mislead international organization

Alsahwa Net-Minister of Information, Muamar Al-Eryani, said on Thursday that the Iran-backed Houthis militia has forced transportation and cargo companies and car rental services to mislead international organizations by requesting them to sue the government and the Saudi-led coalition over suspension of fuel imports to the Houthis-controlled Hodeida port.

Al-Eryani said that the Houthis-led coup is to be blamed for the harms and damage of the state-run firms and the private sector.

He explained that the Houthis’ illegal measures on businesses including blocking of inter-governorates roads, collecting of illegal taxes and exercising extortion on businesses, have crippled businesses and led to their bankruptcy.

“We call owners of land transport, cargo transport and car rent companies who were harmed by the Houthis’ measures to resist and not respond to Houthis pressures, that led to bankruptcy of some firms,” Al-Eryani said.

He called on owners of companies to unfold the damage inflicted on them by the Houthis’ coup, to Yemeni public and the international community.

The Houthis-held areas witness unprecedented fuel shortage due to Houthis’s rejection to the UN-sponsored agreement that requires Houthis spend tax money on monthly payment of the public servants.

The UN Special Envoy to Yemen, Martin Griffiths stated last week that the Houthis’ withdrawal of the funds from revenues of Hodeida port has led to the government’s interception of fuel flow into Hodeida port.

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