Human rights organization calls on Houthis to release detained journalists

Human rights organization calls on Houthis to release detained journalists

Alsahwa Net-The Gulf Center for Human Rights (GCHR) called on Wednesday the Houthis to release detained journalists and overturn the death sentence handed down to them by a Houthis-run court.

In a statement, the GCHR expressed its deep concern about the disrespect of the freedom of expression in Yemen and the use of capital punishment against journalists, academics and students.

Nine out of a group of ten detained journalists have been suffering mistreatment, banned of visitation and regular communication with their families since their arrest in 2015.

The center said that the detained journalists suffer bad conditions of the prison with lack of hygiene, healthcare and are at risk of contracting COVID-19.

Following their arrest, members of the ten-journalist group were forcibly disappeared and were banned visitation for about six months.

 During this period, they were vulnerable to various forms of physical and mental torture, inhumane treatment, medical negligence, and they contracted several chronic diseases, according to the center.

The center condemned deliberate delay of release of five detained journalists whose release were ordered by the court last April.

It said that such acts seriously violate the national laws and the human rights conventions.

It said that the case of the ten-journalist group was rendered out of the international covenants and treaties that Yemen signed, since the arbitrary arrest took place on 9 June 2015 until the death ruling on 11 April 2020.

The center highlighted the case of 30 citizens among them academics, educators and students who were also sentenced to death by fabricating charges against them.

Two other photojournalists remain in prison despite no certain accusations.

It demanded all parties to the conflict to release with no condition, all illegal detainees and enforced disappeared people including the two photojournalists; Abdullah Bakir and Nashwan Al-Hashedi.

It said that all different authorities in Yemen must ensure that human rights defenders, journalists, bloggers and Internet activists can do their legal work freely with no fear of intimidation or judiciary harassment used to legalize looting, murder and arrest.

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