Speaker's Office expresses concerns towards Houthis’ abuses

Speaker's Office expresses concerns towards Houthis’ abuses

Alsahwa Net-The Speaker's Office expressed on Wednesday its deep concern towards high frequency of abuses committed by the Houthis against the people of Yemen.

Recent serious abuses included issuing of death sentences, arbitrary arrests, intimidating citizens, ruling lawmakers and journalists to death and seizing their belongings.

In a statement reported by the state-run Saba News Agency, the Speaker’s Office said that the upcoming action by the so called “Sana’a Parliament” on lifting of the immunity of 12 lawmakers is null and void.

It said that such step is among chains of persecution exercised by the Houthis which aim at seizure of lawmakers’ properties as they already did the same with other members of the parliament including the speaker and his deputies.

It affirmed that outcomes of meetings by some members of the parliament in Sana’a is constitutionally null and void.

It affirmed that outcomes of those meetings are deemed offenses and perpetrators must be brought to justice because they are involved in abuses and harmful impacts.

It indicated that the Houthis continue doing crimes against citizens in areas of their control despite the worst suffering by the people brought by the coronavirus pandemic and the brutality of the coup.

It said that the Houthis cover up their crimes through nominal courts to legalize intimidation, murder and looting against everyone opposing their rebellion.

It affirmed that the legitimate parliament held a meeting on 13 April 2019 in Sayoun city of Hadramout and elected its speaker.

It added that the legitimate house of representatives of Yemen is indivisible part of the legitimate government.

It said that the legitimate parliament represents Yemen in various international platforms and that the Sana’a Parliament is null and void as it has no quorum.

It added that the meetings by some members of the parliament in Sana'a constitute a nominal tool among a matrix of tools the rebels use to cover up their illegal acts.

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