Increasing insecurity in Ibb

Increasing insecurity in Ibb

Alsahwa Net-The Houthis-held Ibb governorate witnesses unprecedented levels of insecurity with increasing crime rate.

The Houthis-run security service recorded over the past six months, more than 350 deaths and injuring in various districts of Ibb.

The Houthis’ security report said that 1,722 crimes took place in Ibb between January to the end of June of this year.

 Reported crimes included murder, murder attempts, banditry, robbery and business of drugs.

It recorded 105 premeditated murder crimes, 20 involuntary manslaughter crimes, 227 murder attempts.

However, other enormous number of cases thought to be underreported throughout Ibb.

Around 94 robbery cases and 53 vehicles including motorbikes were hijacked throughout Ibb, according to the report.

The Houthis’ murder crimes against opponents in Ibb has been blamed to the increasing murder crimes.

Yet such crimes were not included in the report.

Murder crimes has been raising in Ibb since the Houthis seized control of the governorate in October 2014.

Such crimes happen in Ibb amid daily human rights abuses against citizens by the Houthis militants.

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