WFP sets up new mechanism to control steal of aids in Sana’a

WFP sets up new mechanism to control steal of aids in Sana’a

Alsahwa Net-The World Food Program (WFP) set up a new hotline to its beneficiaries in the capital Sana'a city to receive complaints and verify delivery of rations to intended households, the London-based Asharq Al-Awsat daily Newspaper quoted residents in Sana'a.

The reported mechanism comes amid constant accusations against the Houthis leaders on stealing of food aids and selling or diverting them to their affiliates.

The residents of Sana'a said that they received phone calls and short messages from staff of the WFP Office in Sana’a questioning them about last time they received food rations and hurdles they face when collecting their rations.

Some respondents to the WFP questionnaire, reported receiving no food aids over the past nine months, others received nothing over the past six months and the remaining said that they collected food items three months ago.

The respondents appreciated the WFP step on verification of the delivery of the food aids by direct communication with the beneficiaries.

The step can expose those who steal the aids or those who prepared list of ghost-names.

The WFP sent text messages to the respondents with phone numbers being set up for reporting complaints.

Observers say that the WFP seeks exposure of violations through direct communication with the beneficiaries to avert repetition of previous corruption acts.

The WFP accused earlier Houthis officials of stealing food aids.

It added then that it holds evidence on capturing of food shipments by the Houthis militants. 

“The Houthis continue stealing the food from mouths of starving people,” one WFP official said.

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