American think-tank: Mohsen remains viable choice to confront Houthis

American think-tank: Mohsen remains viable choice to confront Houthis

Alsahwa Net-The Yemen's Vice-president and one of the influential aides to former president Ali Abdullah Saleh, Ali Mohsen can unify the anti-Houthis forces and advance towards the capital Sana'a, a new American study said.

The study was prepared by the National Defense Research Institute (RAND).

The study sets various scenarios to the fighting in Yemen under its title: Could the Houthis be the next Hizballah? Iranian Proxy Development and the Future of the Houthi Movement.

The online document of the study affirms that nine American researchers coauthored the research that presents a detailed history of the Houthis expansion in Yemen.

The study was sponsored by the Office of the US Secretary of Defense and conducted within the Cyber and Intelligence Policy Center of the  RAND, a federally funded research center sponsored by the Office of the Secretary of Defense, Joint Staff, Unified Combatant Commands, the Navy, the Marine Corps, the defense Agencies and the defense intelligence enterprise, according to the online version of the study.

It said that “Ali Mohsen represents one of the few remaining viable options on the ground”.

It indicated that Mohsen “perhaps the figure with the best chances of leading the advance on Sana’a.”

 It added that Mohsen enjoys strong ties with Al-Riyadh which strengthens his position against the Houthis.

It indicated that Mohsen may be the leader to unite the GPC.  “Ali Mohsen’s ties to the GPC go all the way back to its founding,” it added.

“Mohsen enjoys support not only from the units under his control in the Yemeni National Army but also from the tribes of the north,” it noted.

It explained that “These tribes will be critical if Ali Mohsen’s forces hope to liberate Sana’a”.

The document provides insights on results of the study project “analyzing the prospects that Iran will further invest in the Houthis and develop them as an enduring proxy group in Yemen”.

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