Division grows among Houthis’ leaders over stolen aids and funds

Division grows among Houthis’ leaders over stolen aids and funds

Alsahwa Net-Well informed sources in Sana'a said on Saturday that new divisions emerged among senior Houthis’ leaders over leverage and stolen funds coming from humanitarian aids and accumulated illegal taxes.

Intensity of these disputes among the Houthis’ leaders grow every now and then, according to the sources.

The London-based Asharq Al-Awsat daily Newspaper quoted sources close to the Houthis that one brother to the Houthis’ leader, Yahya Al-Houthi who holds the minister of education post in the rebels’ cabinet, left Sana'a four months ago to his hometown in Sa’ada.

The sources said that Al-Houthi deserted Sana'a and refused returning to his office in Sana'a following his dispute with the Secretary General of the Supreme Council for the Management and Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (SCMCHA), Abdulmohsen Tawoos.

The SCMCHA was formed last November to oversee the humanitarian aids. Al-Houthi disputed with the President's Office Administrator, Ahmed Hamed, the sources said.

The disagreement between Al-Houthi and the other two officials surfaced over conflict on how to divide the stolen aids.

The sources said that Al-Houthi left to Sa’ada following his confession he delivered last February on existence of corruption and stealing of aids by leaders of his group.

Al-Houthi met his brother upon his arrival in Sa’ada and attempted to gain support to confront Tawoos and Hamed, but his brother never responded, the sources said.

 The sources said that any support to the stated confession on the corruption would represent a proof to adversaries and the media on corruption and stealing of the humanitarian aids.

Al-Houthi who insists on his position, refused returning to Sana’a as a protest to the lack of support by his brother against corrupt leaders.

Attempts to convince the protesting leader go back to Sana’a, failed so far, despite the announcement of nationwide test for the secondary and primary school certificates.

Al-Houthi is among the Houthis leaders that have been accused of stealing the humanitarian aids.

The sources said that the protest by the Houthi is just an attempt to clean his record that that raised attention.

The divisions among the Houthis leaders on the background of stolen aids and public funds is one of the issues that surfaces every now and then. Yet, the Houthis leaders manage to cover up such incidents quickly by creating new crises.

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