What is in the Yemeni Press Today?

What is in the Yemeni Press Today?


-      Deputy Speaker of the Parliament Abdulaziz Jubari who ended his long exile outside Yemen by returning to Yemen has moved from Marib to Shabwa where the part of the Yemeni government inside the country stay and operate


-      As many as 586 civilians including women, children and elderly, were killed by Houthi ballistic and Katyucha missiles fired against the city of Marib over the past five years, the Human Rights Ministry branch office said in a report on Thursday. The same attacked wounded 438 civilians. Source of the story: Multiple news websites.



-      The Houthi Shia militia deployed large numbers of puritan modesty keepers to prevent girls from sightseeing water in Old Sana'a's al-Sayila, a low-lying road that also serves as a rain drain. Source: Multiple news websites.

-      China offers new anti-coronavirus aid to Yemen. Source: Multiple news websites.

-      The army has advanced in central Yemen's Dhale'a and arrested 13 Houthi militants.  Source: Multiple news websites.

-      Yemen's Ambassador to Morocco: Restoring the legitimate Yemeni state begins by breaking the Houthi siege around Taiz city and liberating the rest of its territories. Source: Multiple news websites.

-      Yemeni research center Abaad issues a study under the title: "Yemeni Socotra, A War of Influences in the Indian Ocean. Source:  Multiple news websites.

-      Yemen's national currency Riyal continues to plummet down. Source: Multiple news websites.


-      A Houthi rocket reduces a house in Hodeidah to rubble. Multiple news websites. A story and video  published by the Arab News Network.

-      Houthi militants launch an extortion campaign against clothes shops in Sana'a. Source: Multiple news websites.

-      Chief of the GPC party in Hodeidah Esam Shoreim tells media: "We [unfortunately] the GPC party in Sana'a had let down President Hadi and allied with Houthis and after Ali Saleh's death allied with the UAE."

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