US blames Houthis to any oil spill disaster in the Red Sea

US blames Houthis to any oil spill disaster in the Red Sea

Alsahwa Net-The United States (US) held the Houthis on Wednesday accountable to consequences of any oil spill or rupture of the Safer tanker, docking off Yemen's coast since 2014.

The US Permanent Representative to the United Nations, Kelly Craft, said on Wednesday in her remarks to the UN Security Council (UNSC) session on the issue that “The Houthis alone have retained sole access to the tanker”.

 “The Houthis alone are responsible for its decay. If there is a leak or, worse, an explosion, the Houthis will bear sole responsibility for any disaster, due to their cynical efforts to use the Safer as a bargaining chip for additional political and economic leverage,” Craft said.

She added that the disaster must be prevented with no delay or preconditions through granting permission to the UN inspectors to immediately access the vessel, assess its condition and define next steps to be taken to avert the oil spill or explosion.

The Safer vessel has been docking off Yemen's Ras Issa port on the Red Sea for five years.

About 1.5 million barrels of the oil in the Safer tanker might spill into the sea waters due to corrosion and rust of its body.

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