Griffiths: Houthis withdrew funds allocated for public servants’ salaries

Griffiths: Houthis withdrew funds allocated for public servants’ salaries

Alsahwa Net-The United Nations (UN) Special Envoy to Yemen, Martin Griffiths said on in an interview published on Thursday by the UN News website that the Houthis “unilaterally withdrew funds collected from Hodeida port revenues that were agreed to be disbursed for payment of the civil servants’ salaries.

Griffiths added that his office mediated a set of temporary arrangements between the government and the Houthis that revenues of the Hodeida port be channeled into a special bank account of the Central Bank Yemen (CBY) branch in Hodeida and then collected funds be disbursed for civil servants’ salaries.

However, these arrangements were suspended following the Houthis’ withdrawal of funds accumulated in the special account, Griffiths said.

The government condemned in mid-May the Houthis’ looting of YR35 billion ($58.3 million) from the special account at the CBY in Hodeida.

It said that the stolen funds were agreed to be paid for the civil servants’ salaries.

It held the Houthis accountability to failure of the temporary arrangements.

In a related respect, Griffiths said that “it is not too late to reverse course and get back on a track of peaceful politics and negotiations instead of the quest to resolve the conflict through military force”.

He indicated that “the continued assault on Marib is unacceptable and it could seriously undermine the prospects of peace in Yemen.”

He said that the under-negotiation joint declaration for Yemen’s ceasefire “is not in and of itself an end to the conflict”.

“However, it would be an important step toward achieving an immediate nationwide ceasefire in Yemen,” he said.

In this respect, the government informed Griffiths last Monday its rejection of the new draft of the joint declaration and said that the draft violates its sovereignty and oversteps the bounds of his mandate.

“I will not give up on the pursuit of an end to the fighting, measures to alleviate the suffering of the people, and the resumption of peaceful dialog aimed at ending the conflict,” Griffiths said.

“As long as the Parties remain engaged in the process, there is a chance for peace in Yemen,” he said.

He explained that the UN vision and hope for the future of Yemen “is to reach a point when Yemenis have the tools to take charge of their own future based on the principles of democracy, human rights, accountable governance and equal citizenship”.

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