Taiz Police vows no tolerance to riots

Taiz Police vows no tolerance to riots

Alsahwa Net-The Police of Taiz said on Tuesday that it will not tolerate riot groups and it will pursue rioters and bring them to justice.

The Security Media Center of the Police quoted a security source who affirmed that the police service will assume its tasks towards the society to protect public and private properties.

It explained that some rioters utilized the Tuesday’s peaceful protest by the military personnel’s relatives who held a sit-in demanding their monthly payment which has been unpaid for several months.

It added that the city witnessed other sit-ins o the same day that demanded manhunt of perpetrators blamed for murder cases, but these sit-ins were changed into rioting acts.

Gunmen deployed on streets, blocked the road, fired ammunition and disrupted the public security, the police said.

It affirmed that these acts are criminal and prosecutable.

It said that legal demands never sought by using violence and chaos and that legal means exist for pursuing rights.

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