MSF: One medical center in Ibb received over 30 COVID-19 patients over three weeks

MSF: One medical center in Ibb received over 30 COVID-19 patients over three weeks

Alsahwa Net- Doctors Without Borders (MSF) said on Tuesday that COVID-19 continues spread throughout Ibb governorate in central Yemen.

The organization said that Al-Sahul Medical Center, north Ibb city, received more than 30 COVID-19 patients during the past three weeks.

In a thread of tweets, the MSF Yemen wrote on its Twitter account, that the virus continues to spread in Ibb, one of the most populated governorates with a population of nearly three million people.

The MSF has been supporting the local health authority to run Al-Sahul Center to provide medical care for people with COVID-19.

“Our teams continue their support by coaching and monitoring the staff of the center, providing medications, medical supplies including personal protective equipment and assisting to put in place all infection prevention and control measures and hygiene equipment and materials,” the MSF said.

Al-Sahul Center started receiving COVID-19 patients on 14 June, according to the MSF.

It added that the center has 18 ICU beds and 70 beds for the in-patient department.

Hundreds of COVID-19 infections and deaths have been reported in Ibb amid deliberate coverup of the infection by the Houthis militia who has been controlling Ibb and other parts of north Yemen since late 2014.

The Houthis continue concealment of the number of infected and death cases in various districts of Ibb as well as other areas of their control.

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