Houthi ballistic missile kills 2 people, injures 6 others in Marib

Houthi ballistic missile kills 2 people, injures 6 others in Marib

A ballistic missile fired by the Shia terror organization of Houthis killed two civilians and injured six others in the government stronghold of Marib in eastern Yemen on Tuesday.

Eyewitnesses said the missile, whose heavy explosion was heard across the city at around 6:40 pm, hit a neighborhood in the city's center causing  the said casualties and widespread panic. Ambulances were heard shortly after.

The Houthis regularly fire ballistic missiles on government-held cities including the small city of Marib which hosts three million people most of them escapees from the theocratic organization's persecution in northwestern Yemen.

The UN officials in Yemen including the Humanitarian Coordinator have for six years showed a systematic and absolute bias in favor of the Iran-aligned militia condemning the periodical Arab Coalition airstrikes that trigger Houthi civilian casualty claims, while ever ignoring all the Shia extremists' atrocities that roil Yemen on a daily basis. 

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