Houthi militant shoots dead 20-year-old girl in Dhamar

Houthi militant shoots dead 20-year-old girl in Dhamar


By Sarah Hassan

A Houthi militant shot dead a 20 year old girl in Al-Hada district in the central Yemen province of Dhamar for no known motives, Al-Mashehad Al-Yemeni news website reported quoting local sources.

"The (Security) supervisor of the Houthi militia in al-Nusrah county, Abu Ahmed Al-Nuseiri, executed the woman"  in the same county to the east of Dhamar's provincial capital, the sources said. 

The county has seen repeated acts of turmoil since the Houthi militia controlled it, the last of this turmoil was a fighting between two tribes that a couple of months ago claimed seven lives and injured many others including women and children.

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