What is in the Yemeni Press Today?

What is in the Yemeni Press Today?

The Yemeni government spokesman Rajeh Badi said on Tuesday: We are surprised at the insistence of the UN Special Envoy Martin Griffiths to normalize the acts of the Houthi militia and provide a cover-up for them and constantly bow in to all their demands." The remarks of Badi are part of his response to Griffiths' latest peace proposal. Source of the Story: Multiple media outlets.

  1. The UN envoy insists on normalizing the Houthi coup and ignoring the terms of reference for peace, said Yemeni political analyst Abu Hatem in a tweet. Source: Multiple news websites.
  2. The Yemeni government rejects the UN special envoy's proposal.Source: Multiple news websites.

  1. Houthi ballistic missile kills 2 civilians, injures six others in Marib this evening.Multiple media outlets.
  1. Heavy clashes involving gunfire erupted between Houthi warlords competing over state-owned plots of land in Saref, an area east of the capital Sana'a on Tuesday. Five people including a civilian man in his house were shot injured. Gunmen in large numbers are now deployed in the streets. Source: Multiple news websites.
  2. Saudi mine action program extracted more than one thousand Houthi-laid landmines in different parts of Yemen during the second week of July, multiple sources reported quoting MASAM press statement.
  3. Houthi militia destroyed four houses in Taiz after forcing its occupants, women and children, out. Source: Multiple news websites.
  4. MSF says coronavirus is still spreading in Ibb province. Source: Multiple news websites.
  5. Houthi militiamen heavily shell farms and houses in Hodeidah killing civilians including an elderly man. Source: Several websites including Yafe'a News.
  6. Authorities in Taiz and Hadhramout provinces reported 18 confirmed cases of coronavirus.

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