Houthis’ intimidation force shutdown of Sana’a bakeries

Houthis’ intimidation force shutdown of Sana’a bakeries

Alsahwa Net-The Houthis illegal tax on small businesses, have forced several entrepreneurs in Sana’a particularly owners of bakeries to shut down.

Dozens of the commercial shops and bakeries have recently closed following mounting collection rounds of illegal taxes, the Al-Asima news website has reported.

It quoted local sources as saying that the business environment has been volatile amid the Houthis’ collection of illegal taxes.”

 “I closed my sole source of income as I ran unable to pay more taxes that the Houthis have imposes,” said one owner of a closed bakery who requested anonymity,

He went on saying “I have not been able to even pay the rent of the shop; not to mention never could save money to feed my children. This forced me to shut down the bakery and I do not know what to do”.

Wide range of businesses in Sana'a including vendors and informal businesses have been vulnerable to the Houthis’ intimidation.

Intimidation against private businesses by the Houthis have turned into a source of illegal gains by the Houthis’ leaders, the government says.

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